Bobbie Kohn

  • Bobbie Kohn
  • Holocaust Survivor
  • Founder of Kohn’s Kosher Market
  • Gives to the Community Campaign because Federation was there when she needed it most

“That little bit meant so much”

“When I was a little girl growing up in Hungary, my father used to say, ‘What you give by the door, it comes back through the window,” says Bobbie Kohn. “He took care of everyone, our family, neighbors, friends…anyone who needed anything.”

Holocaust survivors Bobbie and her husband, Simon (of blessed memory), found themselves in need when they arrived at Union Station in 1949, with no money, no home and no connections—just a desire to make a better, safer, more secure life for their young family. “We were met at the station by someone from Federation,” says Bobbie, now 93. “They took us in, they gave us money to live on, helped us find work. That little bit meant so much for so many of us who had survived.”

Thanks to help the Kohns received from Federation, they were able to eventually own a home and start a business—Kohn’s Kosher Market, still thriving as the longest-standing Kosher deli in St. Louis. “What my father gave, it came back to us,” says Bobbie. “That’s why we give to Federation. The work is so important to our community.”

Your gifts enable Federation to make as powerful a difference today as it did for Bobbie’s family. When you give to Federation, you can be assured that your money will be used to significantly improve lives, here in St. Louis, in Israel and around the world.